AGRISPA Ltd. is dealing with manufacturing, sorting, packing and export of fruit for fresh consumption.


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Agrispa Ltd is a leading producer and exporter of best quality fruits for fresh consumption.

The company was established in 1999 and its main aim is to grow and select fresh fruits for the European Markets. We export for retail and wholesale companies from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and others.

Agrispa Ltd has developed a strict system of picking, sorting, packaging, storage and export of the fruits.

The company own packhouse of 800 square meters equipped with modern machines for hydro-cooling, sorting, packaging  and two coldstores for storage of the packed fruits. The packhouse is near Stara Zagora in Malka Vereya Village next to the cherry orchard.

To be more competitive we invest in new technologies and we protect the crop against rain, birds and hail as we cover the orchards which is guarantee for best quality fruits. We do a careful selection of the varieties that we plant concerning the demand of the market.

The fertile land, good weather conditions and new varieties contribute to good harvest and high quality fruits.

The orchards are located near Stara Zagora City - cherries, plums, peaches and apricots and Silistra City - apricots, Bulgaria.

The biggest orchard is planted with cherries and it is about 51Ha. The company grows wide range of varieties as Sweet Early, Early Star, Lapins, Kordia, Regina, Sweet Heart, Staccato and others.

The plum orchard is 3Ha with variety Angeleno and the peaches are about 4Ha with variety Tardibelle.

The apricot orchards are about 15Ha with varieties as Bergeron, Faralia, Farclo and others. All the orchards are in fruitfulness.

We pack the fruits in wide range of packagings according to the customer request and specifications. We have both Trade marks - Cherry Lady by Agrispa and ALAS FRUIT.

The company is Global GAP certified /GGN 4049928212795/ since 2008 and the team is hard-working to comply with Good Agriculture Praktices concerning product safety, environmental impact and the health, safety and welfare of workers and animals.