AGRISPA Ltd. is dealing with manufacturing, sorting, packing and export of fruit for fresh consumption.


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AGRISPA Ltd. is dealing with manufacturing, sorting, packing and export of fruits for fresh consumption. The company started its activities in Bulgaria in 1999 year and it focuses its attention mainly on the manufacturing of high quality, new varieties of fruits for fresh consumption that we export successfully all of them in Europe. At the beginning, it rented lands in the region of Stara Zagora and cultivated durable plants. On viewing the accumulated experience and the increasing demand of the products manufactured by the company , Agrispa Ltd. expanded its activities and at present it cultivates 1250 decars own land and 750 decars from them are orchards. The biggest orchard is the cherry orchard - it is about 420 decars with the varieties like Burlat C1,Celeste, Kordia, Canada Giant, Ferrovia, Sweet Heart and others. The plum orchard is 30 decars and the main variety is Angeleno. The peach and nectarine orchard is 150 decars and we plant varieties like Mailara, Max 7, Tardibbelle, Kaweah and others. All the orchards are near to Stara Zagora. The apricot orchard is 150 decars near to Silistra and the varieties are Bergeron, Kioto and Portici. We have created and apply an effective system of pick, sorting, packaging, cooling and storage of the good fruits. The company has its own store-house of 540 square meters and refrigerator of 72 square meters on ground from 5.500 decars near to Stara Zagora. At the moment we manage to cover all the orchards - 420 decars cherry orchards are protected with  plastic and the other 150 decars peach and nectarine orchards, 150 decars apricot orchards and 30 decars plum orchards are covered with net. So we can produce best quality fruits for fresh consumption.