AGRISPA Ltd. is dealing with manufacturing, sorting, packing and export of fruit for fresh consumption.




Cherries are demanded fruit at the European market. The cherry fruits have rich and various chemical composition. The early fruit mellow has great importance for the human health. The content of minerals and salts is considerably high, especially of Potassium, which helps the blood alkalization. Cherry is a plant of the temperate climate. The geographic situation of Bulgaria is a prerequisite ... read more



Peaches and nectarines are among the most profitable orchards. Over the past 10 years, interest in them grows exclusively. On the one hand this is due to the excellent taste and technological properties of fruits and secondly, the fact that nearly four months (from the middle of June to early October) ripening varieties of peaches and nectarines allow an uninterrupted supply of the market with fresh more


BLUE PLUMS are rich in ballast substances, as well as in vitamins from the B group. They optimize the hydrocarbon metabolism, remove the anxious feelings and increase the organism resistance to stress. ... read more



It is believed that apricots come from China. Apricot fruits are characterized by high content of sugars, organic acids, valuable minerals and vitamins.

Fresh fruit and processed products have a very beneficial effect on human organism. Due to its high content of potassium and vitamin A as they have a wholesome effect on the cardiovascular system and the vision and the overall health of man and his more