AGRISPA Ltd. is dealing with manufacturing, sorting, packing and export of fruit for fresh consumption.



Agrispa Ltd is a company which realize its production on the European markets and it tries to offer its clients wide range of best quality fruits.

Thanks to successful established innovations the orchards are fully protected from the adverse weather conditions by building a System against rain and hail - 510 dca of cherry orchards are protected with plastic, 40 dca peaches, 150 dca apricots and 30dca are protected with net. The System prevents of frost which is very important by blooming time. The trees and the fruits are protected from hail, rain and strong sun lights. The System restricts the access of insects and birds

The building of the System creates conditions for the correct implementation of the cultivations which results are good quality and volumes.

The new specialized agricultural machinery, irrigation system and not least the high quality varieties ensure excellent results.

The achieved quality has to be maintained till the delivery of the fruits to the final customers and because of that Agrispa Ltd has invested in own packhouse where we make calibrating, packaging, cooling and storage of the production.

We have installed Cherry and Stone fruits calibration machines, hydro-cooler for better quality and firmness of the cherries and two cold stores for cooling and storage of the production.

The integrated Good Agricultural Practice strictly monitors the proper implementation of all agricultural processes in the cultivation and realization  of the production which is guarantee for best quality fruits for the customers.