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Cherries are demanded fruit at the European market. The cherry fruits have rich and various chemical composition. The early fruit mellow has great importance for the human health. The content of minerals and salts is considerably high, especially of Potassium, which helps the blood alkalization. Cherry is a plant of the temperate climate. The geographic situation of Bulgaria is a prerequisite for extremely favourable climatic conditions for its growing. At the same time, to increase the trees fertility and the quality of their fruit, the inclement atmospheric conditions influencing the optimum development of fruit-trees should be limited. The leaves over-burn, the fruits remain small and the taste and quality worsen. The late spring white frosts are particularly unfavourable for the cherry. In case of decreasing of the minimum temperature below 0ºC, in positive temperatures during the day, the water vapour contained in the over-earth air layer condenses at the very earth surface and over the trees and then freezes. Fallen onto the leaves, it frosts and burns them. The falling of white frost puts end to the bloom and/or corruption of the young cherries occurs. Other atmospheric phenomenon, damaging the agricultural production in particularly large extent, is the hail. The geographic position and various landscape of our country are the reason that Bulgaria is among the most hail counties in Europe. Hails cause approximately 29% of all damages due to natural calamities in the country. It is difficult to forecast where exactly would fall the hails and what damages they would cause. The forecast itself does not protect the fruit gardens from the damages caused by the hails. Special protection of the trees and their fruits is necessary.

The cherry is a plant of the temperate climate that reacts good to irrigation or regular natural soil wetting but does not stand over-wetting of soil as well as heavy rains during the fruit ripening. Particularly dangerous are heavy rains during the bloom since they impede the blossoms pollination. The irrigation of the cherry plants within precisely determined time, depending on the periods of their development, is of great importance for the growth and fecundity. Dozing of the quantity of moisture is also important. The irrigation is made in the following orientating time periods: irrigation – in the beginning of the vegetative period when the active growth of the leaves and shoots begins; irrigation – approximately 15 days before the ripening and the pick of the fruits; irrigation – following the pick; 1 to 2 irrigations in the period August – September. The irrigations after the pick which create conditions for normal water supply and feeding of the cherry trees and setting a normal number of blossom buds for the next year are of particular importance for the cherry.

Cherry is a fruit type which naturally forms a storey head, during the process of head forming being compulsory to make summer trimming to avoid denudation of the skeleton branches in their base. The trees react very well to limiting trimming. If the limiting trimming is made properly, considerable number of strong tree twigs bud, increasing in this manner the quality and quantity of the fruit production and are particularly important for the good results during the next vegetation period.