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It is believed that apricots come from China. Apricot fruits are characterized by high content of sugars, organic acids, valuable minerals and vitamins.

Fresh fruit and processed products have a very beneficial effect on human organism. Due to its high content of potassium and vitamin A as they have a wholesome effect on the cardiovascular system and the vision and the overall health of man and his longevity.

The iron, cobalt, zinc, carotene and vitamins in apricot fruits stimulate growth of the young body and blood, so too are useful food for children. Apricot enter into fruitbearing early, during the third year after planting.

Its fruits ripen earlier, immediately after cherries and sour cherries, which is a great importance for the continued suppling of the market with fresh fruit and canning factories with raw materials.

Specific biological characteristics of apricot, its high demands on climatic and soil conditions require special attention when choosing a location for a new apricot garden. Particular attention should be paid to temperature changes and turning frosts in late winter and early spring.

On the temperature regime most influenced by terrain, which determines the microclimate of an appropriate habitat. Particularly suitable for the cultivation of apricots are places near ponds, rivers and mountain slopes of lower elevations, where air drainage and cold air stay.

Vitality, longevity and fertility of apricot trees depend mostly on the right choice of variety and appropriate root-stocks.